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Kurt installing a dish

Arriving in Madrid some 15 years ago, one of the things I missed was not being able to watch television in my mother tongue. Back then Spanish TV had little to offer and apart from helping me pick up some new phrases, the quality of programmes left little to be desired with endless commercial breaks, poorly dubbed movies and low budget game shows.


It seemed my only option for anything anywhere near interesting or international was the satellite solution at the time. But that again didn't offer the functionality or variety and was frustratingly slow.


I come to realise that the only viable and reliable solution to my problem was satellite TV streamed from overseas providers. This however proved equally frustrating as many of the Madrid based suppliers offering installations, seemed less concerned with meeting my needs and more interested in turning a quick profit.


I found I was not alone and many ex-pats I spoke with had similar experiences. By then I had sourced a dish and set-top box and had installed a system myself that gave me access to Sky TV. I had learnt the hard way but had found my newly acquired skills and industry contacts could be put to good use helping others get the Tv programming they wanted. My business began and as word spread and I became a trusted and reliable resource for all things TV.


Nowadays, my team focuses on making your life abroad easier through personal attention and quality work. We speak English, Spanish, French, Dutch and German.

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